2017-2018 SEASON

 2 TNT 2017-2018
COMING IN 2017-2018


Friday & Saturday 8pm, Sunday 3pm  

 TICKETS: $12 adults, $10 students    ~~~   

musicals $17 adults, $15 students




second time around framedby Henry Denker

Directed by Robert Spain

JANUARY 12-13, 19-20, 26-28

Senior citizens Samuel Jonas and Laura Curtis, a widower and a widow, strike up a love affair. When they announce plans to live together without marrying so they can keep social security benefits they’d otherwise lose, their children hit the ceiling even though they were never close to their deceased parent and their own marriages leave a lot to be desired. Sam’s daughter is married to her ex analyst, a stuffy neurotic, and Laura’s son has a wife who is paranoid about food additives and their sexual performance. All ends well for the elderly twosome, but not before the entire second generation is in nervous fits.





Church-Basement-Ladies framedMusical
by Stowell/Zuehlke

Directed by Terri Gilbert

MARCH 9-10, 16-18, 23-25

The church basement kitchen throughout much of America is often the heart and soul of any church. In Church Basement Ladies we meet the pastor, three main kitchen cooks, and one daughter who all run the kitchen and care for the congregation by preparing and serving the food. Like any great kitchen, problems are solved here as well. We see the four women handle a Lutefisk Dinner, a funeral, an Easter fund raiser, and, of course, a wedding. They stave off potential disasters, have fun, share and debate recipes, instruct the young, and keep the pastor on course




senior folliesComedy by Billy St. John

Directed by Tom DeNicholas

MAY 4-5, 11-12, 18-20

The rocking is not done in chairs at the Pleasant Valley Retirement Home, especially since Howard discovered Viagra! The feisty divorcees and lovely widows who are constantly scurrying out of his reach and refusing to play strip poker or skinny dip in the hot tub, all breathe a sigh of relief when a new resident actually seems to enjoy Howard’s advances. Don’t miss the hilarity in this wonderful comedy.