AuditionsTNT depends on volunteer talent for all of its plays each season.

Auditions are open to anyone with an interest in performing in community theater.

Information regarding upcoming auditions will be posted here as it becomes available.


directed by Tom Hitmar

MONDAY, January 20th and WEDNESDAY, January 22nd

6pm – appointments recommended


 All are welcome. Some of us are threatened by the thought of doing Shakespeare, but those of us who have done several know that it can be a rollicking good time. The auditions will be by interview, that is, each person will talk to and read for the director individually. Please sign up for a time slot on the TNT website and come to the theater at least 10 minutes before your assigned time, Walk ins are welcome but may have to wait until a time slot opens.  Here are the cast requirements, but we are not bound by traditional casting parameters.

Ages are not set in stone
George Page,  30-60  Straight up likable guy
Mrs, Meg Page,  30- 06 sense of humor, likable, one of the wives
Anne (Nan) Page young, attractive, modest, sensible, has 3 suitors
Frank Ford, 30- 60 jealous and then sorry, twice. Also plays Brook in disguise
Mrs. Alice Ford sense of humor, likable, one of the wives
John, servant to Fords, either gender
Robert, servant to Fords, either gender
Sir Hugh Evans, 30- 70+   clergyman, comical figure with an accent
Dr. Caius, 30- 60 medical doctor, comical figure with an accent
John Rugby, servant to Caius, either gender
Mistress Quickly, indeterminate age,  busybody, agent to the suitors
Host of the Garter, hale fellow well met, sympathetic bartender, either gender
Fenton, young, Anne’s choice
Sir John Falstaff, glib and smart, but too full of himself
Robin, (page), servant to Falstaff, either gender
Bardolf, gangster attached to Falstaff, either gender
Pistol, gangster attached to Falstaff, either gender
Robert Shallow, older, pugnacious but intellectual, either gender
Abraham Slender, Shallow’s nephew, foolish suitor to Anne
Peter  Simple, servant to slender, aptly named, either gender
Children of the town



We are in the planning stages for more Mystery/Dinner events.  You need to be available for a handful of rehearsals, able to learn lines and develop character independently, and be capable of improv with random comments from audience.

We are currently putting together productions in June and September/October.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Lisa ASAP.

Questions: Webmaster will forward your emails to the appropriate person – email 


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