Subscriptions/Season Tickets



General information about a Season Subscription:

Depending on the level of subscription you purchase, you can save $$$$!

Individual adult ticket prices range from $14 for dramas/comedies to $17 for musicals.

TNT’s season includes 5 productions staged from September through May. If there are 3 comedies,1 drama and 1 musical, it would cost you $65 to purchase individual tickets.

A season ticket (entitling you to 1 seat at all 5 productions) would only cost you $50 (a savings of $20).

There are 4 categories from which to choose:

  1. Season ticket: $50 (one seat to each production)
  2. Star patronship: $90 (two seats to each production)
  3. Angel patronship: $165 (four seats to each production )
  4. Archangel patronship: $235 (six seats to each production)

Not only do you save money, you receive the following subscription “perks”:

  • Advanced reservation privileges for better seat selection (the first week of reservations is exclusively for Season Ticket holders!)
  • Receipt of Angels Herald news-card reminder of upcoming productions
  • Your name listed in the playbill for Star, Angel and Archangel subscription categories

Upcoming seasons are set by the Board of Trustees in March of each year and subscription sales begin during our May production.

Subscriptions can be purchased through our September production. 

For information or to request a subscription flier, please email our at  OR download the 2018-19 Brochure.