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The Trumbull New Theatre (TNT) offers college scholarships for students who have shown an interest in community theatre.

To qualify they must

1. Be or Have a member of their immediate family who is active at TNT

2. Be enrolled and registered for classes at a post-secondary institution (college, trade school, etc)

3. Complete at least 20 hours of volunteer service to TNT by either:

   A) help build, paint or strike sets

   B) volunteer to work the front of the house

   C) work the back of the stage as part of the crew or be a member of the cast

   D) help on clean up day

4. Submit an essay on their experience at the theatre

5. Complete the application form


Due date will be April 1 st.


The form is available on under our Documents/Forms link on the News & Media menu.



2016 Tori Bettura, Violet Burd, Ali Limperos, Arianna Shannon

2015 Violet Burd, Ariana Shannon

2014 Casshan Wallace, Tori Bettura, William Anastasiadis

2013 Hannah Gillespie, Casshan Wallace, Tori Bettura, Tara King

2012 Jesse Vickers, Hillary Mason

2011 Zach Guilanyi, Margie Johnson, Nic Culver, Aaron Fall