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There are protocols and procedures unique to every theatre.  Below are some that apply to TNT.

Basically start with “leave things better than you found them”.  A number of different casts, crews, directors, etc use this space and we must do what we can to preserve the space and peace.

  1. If you open it – close it!
  2. If you turn it on – turn it off!
  3. If you unlock it – lock it!
  4. If you break it – fix it!
  5. If you can’t fix it – report it!
  6. If you borrow it (make sure you asked first) – return it!
  7. If you make a mess – clean it up!
  8. If you move it – put it back!
  9. If you don’t know – ASK!!
  10. If it doesn’t concern you – DON’T MESS WITH IT!


  • Arrive earlier than your call so you are ready to work AT the call time
  • Sign in and do not ask others to sign in for you
  • Wear appropriate clothing for your call
  • Place personal items where instructed, out of the way of production business
  • If you do not know something, ASK.  There is no such thing as a dumb question.
  • Limit backstage conversations to production business
  • Do not approach actors for casual conversation – it may break their concentration
  • Do not perform tasks not assigned to you unless asked by the Stage Manager
  • Do not move, borrow, or play with props
  • Report broken props, scenery, etc to Stage Manager
  • Acknowledge the Stage Manager’s calls with a polite “Thank you” – or more informatively with an thank you echo.  For example: if the SM calls 10 minutes, you replay “Thank you 10”, which lets the SM know you appreciate and understand the call.
  • Keep the workspace tidy and safe
  • Do not borrow tools without asking
  • Return all tools immediately after using
  • Warn others of hazards; Acknowledge warnings