PERFORMANCE TIMES (regular season productions)

Friday & Saturday 7:30pm ~~ Sunday 2pm

Ticket prices at TNT – Plays $17 adults, $15 students – SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Musicals   $20 adults, $18 students – SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Ticket prices at other venues or for special events will vary 

Reservation lines open to the public beginning on the Monday prior to opening – credit card fees will apply

Phone line – Monday thru Thursday from 7-9pm – 330 652 1103

Online – click here 


Subject to change and the dictates of governmental regulations regarding public health/safety


MARCH 10-12*, 17-19*, 24-26*


MUSICAL  by Rudetsky, Geraci, Plotnik                 directed by A. McKinnon
In a homage to classic disaster films in the era of bell-bottoms, platform shoes and the hustle – It’s 1979, and NewYork’s hottest A- listers are lining up for the opening of a floating casino/disco. Also attending is a faded disco star, a sexy nightclub singer with her 11-year-old twins, a disaster expert, a feminist reporter, an older couple with a secret, a pair of young guys who are looking for ladies, an untrustworthy businessman and a nun with a gambling addiction. What begins as a night of boogie fever quickly changes to panic as the ship succumbs to multiple disasters: earthquakes, tidal waves, and infernos…. As the night turns into day, everyone struggles to survive and, quite possible, repair the love that they’ve lost … or at least escape the killer rats.

Tickets go on sale to the PUBLIC at 7pm on March 6th!

Season Pass holders be sure take advantage of your advanced access!


MAY 5-6, 12-14*, 19-21*


COMEDY  by Neil Simon                 directed by E. Wason

Hilarity abounds in this portrait of three couples successively occupying a suite at the Plaza.  A suburban couple take the suite while their house is being painted and it turns out to be the one in which they honeymooned 23 years before. This wry tale of a marriage in tatters is followed by the exploits of a Hollywood producer who, after 3 marriages, is looking for fresh fields.  He calls a childhood sweetheart, now a suburban housewife, for a little “diversion.  Over the years she has idolized him from afar and is now more than the match he bargained for.  The last couple is a mother and father fighting about the best way to get their daughter out of the bathroom and down to the ballroom where guests await her.

Tickets go on sale to the PUBLIC at 7pm on May 1st!

Season Pass holders be sure take advantage of your advanced access!




NOTE: Some seats are held for our staff and are required for safety.