Every theater has different expectations and requirements for their directors.

Check out our Complete_Director’s_Packet version 23-24 master for a FULL overview of what directing entails at Trumbull New Theatre.  NOTE:  This packet is updated each year as things change.

NOTE: Some information in this packet is subject to change…dates, contact info, etc.  An up-to-date version is provided to each selected director at the beginning of the season.

Directors must submit scripts for consideration in advance whether for “main stage” or summer. Download the letter/application – Directors Application 2024-2025 Deadline November 1, 2022.  NOTE:  Deadline for 2023-2024 will be in SEPTEMBER

New Directors and Directors with experience but new to TNT are heavily encouraged to direct a summer show and/or assist with a couple of TNT productions before taking on a “main stage” production of their own.